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Kaiapoi things to do

Walking, Cycling, Fishing, Motorbike trails, Beaches, Geocaching Kaiapoi things to do - pack a picnic
  • “Locals Tips” for things to do in Kaiapoi, New Zealand:
    River Activities: Enjoy a cruise on the River Queen with friends or family, explore the riverside by walking or biking, and visit the Kaiapoi Food Forest for picnics and fresh produce.
    Shopping: Check out The Footwear Outlet for a great selection of shoes, and NZULU for stylish clothing.
    Cultural and Leisure Activities: Visit the Ruataniwha Centre for library, museum, and art exhibitions, dine at various eateries offering diverse cuisines, and explore local cafes like Paris for the Weekend and Red Eight.
    Shopping Destinations: Explore Blackwells Department Store for fashion and homeware, Craze fashion for unique finds, and Kaiapoi Florist and Love your Home for lovely items.
    Entertainment: Experience the thrill of Woodford Glen’s racing events, enjoy Trousellot Park with its skate park and rose garden, or visit the BMX track at Norman Kirk Park.
    Weekly Markets: Don’t miss the Kaiapoi Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, located opposite New World.
    Water Fun: In warmer months, try Aqualand – an inflatable water park offering an exciting aquatic experience.
    These activities offer a diverse range of experiences catering to different interests in Kaiapoi


Here is a link to a website that has a range of walking trails – https://tramper.nz/8550/kaiapoi-island-trail/

Rhododendron Picnic Area

This garden was developed by some very dedicated local gardeners. Its ideal for a short stroll and family picnic

Its located 1B Robert Coup Road, Kaiapoi 7630

National Scout Museum

Scouting in New Zealand started here first in Kaiapoi. The National Scout Museum is in the Conference Wing of the building complex at the “Blue Skies” Conference and Training Centre in Kaiapoi – North Canterbury.
It has a permanent display detailing the history of Scouting in New Zealand starting from Baden Powell’s story and his founding of the movement, before covering the origins of Scouting in New Zealand. Kaiapoi features strongly in the New Zealand history of Scouting being where the first Scout Patrol is reputed to have been formed and early camps were held at Woodend where today a memorial cairn is located. There were many unique aspects that were introduced by Col D.Cossgrove (the first Dominion Chief Scout) who taught at the school in Tuahiwi, such as Peace Scouts, Bull Pups, and Empire Sentinels. It then covers the various age group sections and major activities of the movement. In addition to the permanent display, the museum has an extensive specialized collection of a wide array of Scouting material.

Location – 12 Williams Street, Kaiapoi. (15 minutes north of Christchurch and the Airport) Contact 3-385 7599 (Graham Matheson)

The Library on the corner of Williams Street and Raven Quay is a wonderful tranquil place to visit, free Wifi, it also contains Art on the Quay art gallery, which features local artists and chnages exhibitions around every 4-6 weeks… Kaiapoi also has a very interesting and wonderful museum. All these amenities are under the same roof

If you are a keen bike rider, you might like to hope on and head to Kaiapoi. The included bikemap link has some trails that people are using


If you like walking and exploring things..check out geocaching, a friend of ours introduced us to it, you use your phone to find caches, they are in all sorts of places. Its like a huge treasure hunt and great fun for kids…. check out geocaching you need to upload an app…and then the fun begins.. its great for young and old

KORE sailing and hire – SUP and kayaking – will help you and your family develop skills associated with being confident in a water environment; skills and confidence that can be called on when facing other new or difficult situations.

KORE sailing – great options to get started in sailing or perhaps to get started again. Courses and options for all ages with our fantastic coaches who have years of experience getting people started in sailing. The best start in sailing anywhere.

Now at Kaiapoi, on the river – SUP Stand up Paddling and kayaking.

KORE holidays – Sailing and Water Activity programmes for groups at Lake Rua and along the Otukaikino Stream, while at Pegasus we have lots of scope for holiday activity with our kayaks, sail boats and SUP boards along with lots of water.

KORE for schools – KORE is carrying on a decades long tradition of introducing school groups to sailing. Each year we get over 3,000 students trying sailing – most for the first time. The sailing programme has been added to with Water Activities and River Crossing options now available, both of which build on our core interest in water safety.

https://www.kore.co.nz/ – info@kore.co.nz – 0800 724 554

Kaiapoi River Queen

Cruise the Kaiapoi River as a family, have a unique wedding venue, Christmas function, work function, bring a group of friends or a school group. Sit and enjoy a hot or cold beverage with some tasty food.

Book by calling 0274 350 596https://www.facebook.com/KaiapoiRiverQueen or https://www.kaiapoiriverqueen.co.nz/

We like to go for walks through the Red Zone.. its filled with trees and wide open spaces and we like to take our dog for a walk through there. If you look closely, you will find that there are lots of fruit trees, which has become very popular when the fruit is ripe. People seem to come from all over to help themselves to a free piece of fruit. Someone has even created a map of where all the trees are along with what type they are, click here and it will take you through to a link where all the fruit tree maps are.(note, you may need to move the map around to locate where you want to find the trees)

Kaiapoi Food Forest – Corner of Cass and Meadow Streets, Kaiapoi

A community food forest provides an abundance of food for residents and those that wish to visit to gather – fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants by way of a layered permaculture companion planting system.
Come with family and friends to picnic and forage for food…
Kaiapoi’s food forest will be more than producing food for the community, we want to Connect, Nourish, Educate, and Inspire. Areas to congregate, areas to learn, areas to cook food an area of Inspiration. “food for mind and body”

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